Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 2004;45(5):725-731.
Published online May 1, 2004.
The Analysis of Management of Keratoconus Using Contact Lens in Koreans.
Jae Lim Lee, Mee Kum Kim
1Department of Ophthalmology, Chungnam National University College of Medicine, Korea.
2Department of Ophthalmology, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea.
3Seoul Artificial Eye Center Seoul National University Hospital Clinical Research Center, Seoul, Korea.
한국인 원추각막의 콘택트렌즈를 이용한 치료 형태 분석
이재림 ( Lee Jae Lim ) , 김미금 ( Kim Mi Geum )
To analyze the fitting characteristics of contact lens, according to the clinical findings keratoconus of in Koreans. METHODS: The topographic indices were evaluated in 106 keratoconic eyes of the 53 patients, who had been followed up for at least 1 month, and their fitting pattern parameters retrospectively analyzed. The visual acuity, epithelial erosion, glare, daily lens wearing time, pain and the changes in the topographic indices were evaluated after fitting. RESULTS: The number of eyes fitted with spherical RGP, aspherical RGP and multicurve RGP were 19, 6 and 81 eyes with mean base curve radius (BCR) of 7.67, 7.17, and 6.76 mm, respectively. The Sim K and temporal K 3 mm from the center were significantly correlated with the BCR. 77 eyes achieved visual acuity of 20/30 or better, and the mean daily wearing time was 11.6 hours. Glare and pain were reported in 4 and 7 eyes, respectively, and progression of epithelial erosion was found in 8 eyes. The mean anterior elevation and sim Kmax in lens intolerable eyes were 0.0745 mm and 59.35 D, which were significantly higher than 0.0584 mm and 54.22 D in lens tolerable eyes. No progressive keratoconic changes were observed in the topographic indices for the eyes fitted with the multicurve lenses. CONCLUSIONS: Appropriate fitting guide-lines could be established by analyzing the fitting and clinical characteristics in keratoconus.
Key Words: Base curve radius;Keratoconus;Multi-curve lens;Sim K;Topographical indices

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