Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 1962;3(1):37-40.
Two Cases of Amaurosis Hysterica.
Jong Sik Shin
히스테리성 (性) 흑내장 (黑內障) 2예 (例)
신정식 (申汀植)
Two cases of hysteric amaurosis are reported. The first case is a male, 38 years of age, who had suffered from hysteric amaurosis three times during the last three years. His inability to pay the alimony to his divorced wife is considered as a causative factor. The second case is also a male, 30 years of age. He had once been attacked prior to the admission. The shock and solicitude for his missed parents during the Korean War are possibly the causative factor. Generally visible ocular symptoms in hysterica are not only amblyopia or amaurosis but also night blindness, diplopia, polyopia, metamorphopsia, metachromatopsia and differentiated various changes in visual field are found. In addition, we can easily find out in it, such as derealization, depersonalization, affective loss which are due to the disturbance of cognition, blepharoptosis, blepharospasm, strabismus, ophthalmoplegia, nystagmus, convergence insufficiency, spasm or paresis of accommodation which are resulted from motor function disturbance, headache, sensory paralysis in eye lid, conjunctiva and cornea which are followed by disturbance of perception and excessive lacrimation due to excrete disturbance. It may be needed to differentiate from simulation, malingering, retrobulbar optic neuritis. Treatment is referable to authorized suggestion with active understanding and sympathy.

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