Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 1963;4(1):33-38.
A Recent Survey of Pterygium Operation.
Sok Choo Cho, Cha Hyon Choo
최근에 (最近) 경험한 (經驗) ( Pterygium ) 수술의 (手術) 종합성적 (綜合成績)
조석주(Suk Choo Cho),주자현(Cha Hyon Choo)
The authors operated 46 cases of pterygia by the modifed Walter's procedure, which was combined with excision, baring the sclera at the limbus, cautery of the limbus, limbal groove, and transplantation. The following results were obtained. 1) 39 cases out of 46 cases were successfully treated, however 7 cases recurred. The rate of recurrence was 15.2 percent 4 cases of pterygia which recurred received a free graft from the upper bulbar conjunctiva, using a modified Walter's procedure. The results of reoperation were satisfactory in 3 cases. 2) The recurrence rate was greater in cases of the highly vascular, thick, inflamed, and rapid growing type. 3) To date, no evidence of astigmatism and other complications due to the utilization of these modifications have been noted in our cases. 4) The authors believe that good technique, treatment of chronic conjunctival inflammation, and improvement of life environment are the most important factors in the prevention of recurrence. However, the last factor is a very difficult problem in Korea. 5) Using the best developments from several standard surgical procedure for the treatment of pterygia the authors was able to lower their recurrence rate.

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