Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 2005;46(12):2059-2064.
Published online December 31, 2005.
Comparision of Corneal Endothelial Change in Femtosecond Laser and Microkeratome LASIK.
Sun A Kim, Eue Su Choi, Tae Hun Lee, Jong Il Park, Kyung Hun Lee
Sungmo Eye Hospital, Busan, Korea.
펨토초 레이저와 미세각막절삭기를 이용한 라식에서 각막내피세포의 변화 비교
Sungmo Eye Hospital, Busan, Korea
Correspondence:  Sun-A Kim, M.D.
To compare the corneal endothelial cell change in Femtosecond laser and microkeratome LASIK operation. METHODS: This study involved 31 eyes (16 patients) that had LASIK using a femtosecond laser (group 1). The control group comprised 32 eyes (16 patients) that had conventional LASIK using microkeratome. We measured the endothelial cell using a non-contact specular microscope preoperatively and at postoperative 1, 2 and 6 months. RESULTS: The preoperative and postoperateive 1, 2, and 6 months cell densities were, respectively: (group 1) 3039+/-335.2, 3012.9+/-373.0, 3008.2+/-240.2, 3009.1+/-250.5; (group 2) 2984.8+/-334.4, 2972.7+/-290.0, 2968+/-323.2, 2968+/-319.1. The coefficients of variation were, respectively: (group 1) 32.6+/-5.3, 33+/-7.2, 32.2+/-5.9, 31.7+/-5.8; (group 2) 32.3+/-5.3, 33.6+/-6.2, 35.5+/-4.8, 34.1+/-5.1. Respective hexagonality measurements were: (group 1) 59.2+/-11.7, 56+/-12.1 55.1+/-13.5, 57.2+/-11.6; (group 2) 57.6+/-9.8, 57.4+/-10.7, 56.5+/-11.6, 57.1+/-11.1. CONCLUSIONS: There was no statistical difference in corneal endothelial change between the two groups (p>0.05). LASIK using the femtosecond laser seemed to be a safe choice when considering corneal endothelial change.
Key Words: Corneal endothelium;Femtosecond laser;Konan;LASIK;Microkeratome

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