Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 1973;14(2):144-152.
Published online January 1, 2001.
Behcet's Disease.
Byung Il Park
Department of Ophthalmology, Chonnam University Medical School, Kwangju, Chonnam, Korea.
심포지움 : 포도막염에 (蒲萄膜炎) 관한 최신지견 ; Behect 병
This disease entity, originally described by Behcet in 1937. as consisting of iridocyclitis with hypopyon and aphthous ulcers of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity and the genitalia, has aroused recently our interest in that it is frequently associated with such dermal lesion as suppurative tendency at the injection site, erythema nodosum-like eruption, and thrombophlebitis. This dermal manifestation is sometimes higher in incidence than that of the genitalia and accordingly should claim the more important position from the view point of diagnostic problem. The allergic theory is among many others, the one most accredited to as its etiology and the ratio is two to one for male and female, preponderantly affecting persons between 15 and 40 years of age. Persistent recurrent tendency of the ocular symptoms of this disease commonly leads to severe visual disturbance, so that this disease is usually blamed as one of the major causes of blindness in the adolescent and adult population. This disease is known to occur predominantly in the Eastern Mediterranean area and the Middle East, but recently cases have continually been reported in other countries, notably in Japan, with increasing number of incidence. Chronicity with protracted clinical course is pathognomonic to this disease, which eventually tends to develop into a generalized disease, involving nervous system and abdominal organ as well, endangering the life of the patient. No effective method of treatment has been reported and occasional relief of symptoms is obtained with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive agents, foreign protein, gamma-giobulin, and anti-plasmin drugs.

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