Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 1976;17(2):181-185.
Published online February 1, 1976.
The Effect of Ethylalcohol on the Intraocular Pressure.
Chul Hong
Department of Ophthalmology, R.O.K. Naval H.Q. Hospital, Seoul, Korea.
에틸알콜이 정상인 안압에 미치는 영향
홍철 ( Chul Hong )
The intraocular pressures of forty four normal eyes of the male twenties were measured with Schiotz tonometer during three hours with regular intervals on every day for four consecutive days after drinking 1,000cc of water, 200cc of 25% Soju (Jin Ro(R))and 1,000cc of 5% Macgulli (Korean wine), and for controls(without any drinking). The results were as follows; 1. There was no statistical significancy between each intraocular pressure of right and left eyes. (P-value>0.2). 2. There was no statistical significancy between control and drinking 1.000cc of water. (P-value>0.05). 3. The intraocular rressure dropped gradually until 60 minutes after drinking 50cc of alcohol in form of 25% Soju (Jin Ro(R)) and 5% MacguIli (Korean wine). Mean value of the decreased intraocular pressure at that time; Soju: 1.21mmHg (11.41 +/- 1.79mmHg -> 10.20 +/- 2.09mmHg), MacguIli: 1.92mmHg (11.13 +/- 1.96mmHg -> 9.21 +/- 2.15mmHg). Thereafter, the intraocular pressure remained down during the second hour, and returned toward the initial level during the third hour. The decreases of the intraocular pressure of 60 and 120 minutes after 200cc of 25% Soju (Jin Ro(R)) and of 15, 30, 45, 60 and 120 minutes were statistically significant(P-value<0.05).

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