Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 1987;28(4):737-747.
Published online April 1, 1987.
The Effects of Healon(R), Amvisc(R) and Methylcellulose as Viscoelastic Materials on Rabbit Corneal Endothelium and Intraocular Pressure.
Kyu Hyung Chung, Sang Wook Rhee
Department of Ophthalmology, Catholic Medical College, Seoul, Korea.
탄력성 점액물질인 Healon(R) , Amvisc(R) , Methylcellulose 가 가토 각막내피와 안압에 미치는 영향
정규형(Kyu Hyung Chung),이상욱(Sang Wook Rhee)
To compare the corneal reaction of the widely used viscoelastic substance such as Healon(R), Amvisc(R) and newly developed and less expensive viscoelastic substance(2% methylcellulose), 0.2ml each of various viscous solutions were injected into the anterior chamber of rabbit eyes and their reactions were observed. BSS(Balanced salt solution) was used as a control. 1. Intraocular pressure was elevated to the peak in 3 hours after injection of Healon(R)(44.0 +/- 14.4mmHg), methylcellulose(32.0 +/- 4.0mmHg), Amvisc(R)(33.7 +/- 14.5mmHg) and control BSS(25.8 +/- 4.6mmHg). Intraocular pressure returned to normal at 9 hours after injection of methlycellulose group, while Healon(R) and Amvisc(R) group returned to normal at 24 hours. 2. Central corneal thickness was increased to the peak 12 hours after injection in all groups; Healon(R) 475 +/- 71.9 micrometer, methylcellulose 454 +/- 55.0 micrometer, Amvisc(R) 489 +/- 90.9 micrometer and control BSS 403 +/- 14.0 micrometer. Corneal thickness returned to normal after 2 days in Healon(R) and control groups but it took 6 days for methyclellulose and Amvisc(R) groups. 3. The endothelial cell density 2 weeks after injection were Healon(R) 2,280 +/- 125.0 cells/mm2, methylcellulose 2,187 +/- 120.0 cells/mm2, amvisc(R) and BSS 2,338 +/- 74.0 cells/mm2. The endothelial cell reduction rate was Healon(R) 7%, methylcellulose 6%, Amvisc(R) 14.5% and BSS 3.0%, respectively. 4. In all groups except control ESS group, the endothelial cells under the scanning electron microscope showed decreased microvilli and enlargement of intercellular space. Scanning electron micrograph 2 weeks after injection of Amvisc(R) showed the findings of more edematous endothelial cells compared with those of other groups.

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