Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 1987;28(4):775-778.
Published online April 1, 1987.
The Result of Retinal Detachment Surgery by Modified Buckling Procedure with Episcleral Silicone Sponge.
Jae Hong Kim, Sang Ha Kim
Department of Ophthalmology, Kyungpook National University, School of Medicine, Taegu, Korea.
Silicone Sponge 를 이용한 망막박리수술의 성적
김재홍(Jae Hong Kim),김상하(Sang Ha Kim)
With some modification of buckling technique, a distinct improvement in success rate of retinal detachment surgery was achieved. Retinal detachment surgery was performed by following procedures. Perforation for the release of subretinal fluid was done in the vicinity of the retinal breaks so that the detached retina of this area can be settled on the underlying choroid. After implant was in place, sutures were tied down over the breaks so that radial retinal folds move aside from the retinal breaks. And irregular bulging of the buckle which compensates for redundant limbal circumference of the detached retina was created by additional mattress sutures over the breaks and the end of sponge. The success rate of the first retinal detachment surgery with episcleral silicone sponge was 93.7%. The success rate of long circumferential buckling was 94.3%, and that of short circumferential buckling was 92.3%. There were no significant difference betweem two buckling procedures. We also made comparison with intrascleral preserved sclera implant technique of our previous series(success rate of 92.8%). There was no difference between the two in success rate.

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