Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society 1988;29(1):125-129.
Published online January 1, 1988.
Large Recession of One Lateral Rectus Muscle for Moderate-Angle Exotropia.
Chang Yong Sul, Chan Park
Department of Ophthlmology, Catholic University, Medical College, Seoul, Korea.
중등도 외사시에서 단안 외직근 후전술의 효과
설창룡(Chang Yong Sul),박찬(Chan Park)
Large recession of one lateral rectus muscle for exotropia is an infrequently used procedure. In this prospective, 27 patients (3 to 19 years, mean age of 7) with moderate-angle exodeviation(18 ~ 35 delta) were treated with one large lateral rectus recession(8mm ~ 9mm) on their non preferred eye. Initially, there was underaction of the lateral rectus muscle. Within 6 weeks, the lateral rectus muscle regained full abduction, incomitance resolved and the deviation was eliminated or reduced to a small phoria. Since surgery is confined to the deviating eye alone, operating time, length of anesthesia and postoperative discomfort is reduced. The average amount of prism diopters corrected after operation for 8 mm, 8.5 mm and 9 mm were 20.4 delta, 26.4 delta, and 31.3 delta respectively, cosmetically satisfactory result (within 10 delta exodeviation) were obtained in 90.1% of the patients.

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